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India: Marwari Horses and Elephants

Feb 18 – 28, 2017

5 participants

(ONLY TWO spots left)

This is an all inclusive workshop, which includes private photoshoots with the Marwari horses, elephants, and models. We are going to overnight in exclusive old forts (click for example of location) where we’ll have access to stables and their traditional settings for incredible photography.

Out of 380 known breeds of horses throughout the world, there are only four ancient known Hot blood. Marwari Horse is one of them, bred specially for war in "The land of Dead" where blades of steel grows better then blades of grass.
The Marwari or Malani is a rare breed of horse from the Marwar (or Jodhpur) region of India. Known for its inward-turning ear tips, it comes in all equine colors.

The Rathores, traditional rulers of the Marwar region of western India, were the first to breed the Marwari. Beginning in the 12th century, they espoused strict breeding that promoted purity and hardiness. The horses were considered divine beings, and at times were only allowed to be ridden by members of the Rajput families and the Kshatriyas warrior caste. As cavalry horses they are known for their loyalty and bravery in battle.

We are going to photograph these horses in historical settings to reflect their majesty, strength and bravery. The first place is the stables at Rohetgarh, where the family’s passion for horses goes back generations. Some of the greatest names in the long and glorious history of Marwar were born to this distinguished family.

The second sets of stables are located in the Mandwa region, home to one of the biggest stud farms. The tranquility and peace offered on the lavish grounds have been used for countless movies and documentaries. Their stables have also helped researchers on Marwari breed to get to the insight of the indigenous breed from the origin to the complete family tree of few of the best Marwari stallions and mares in India.

We are going to photograph the Asian Elephants at three different locations near Jaipur. Asian elephants are domesticated, which allows us to photograph them with models. Spending time in their village will give us opportunities to better understand the animals and the life style of the mahout (elephant trainer).

As a recap, you’ll have special access to the Marwari horses in various traditional settings, elephants in three different environments, and models wearing local costumes. We will stay in exclusive places with lavish grounds and stunning stables.

Don’t delay your registration as I can only take a very small group.

Hope to see you in India in February.

Registration (ONLY TWO Spots left)
Double Occupancy: $5,900
Single Supplement: $1,000

Deposit (non-refundable):
$800 (Double Occupancy)
$1,000 (Single Occupancy)


If you have any questions, please contact Oliver

Balance payment due by January 5, 2017 (Payable by check)

Oliver Klink has photographed many species of wildlife in the 7 continents. His images have received many awards, including “Herding Instinct” which won the grand prize at the Rayko International Photocontest in 2014. Others have received “mentioned” in the Black and White Spidar Awards for the past 5 years. “Having the opportunity to visit countries with specialists is a life changing experience”.

Local staff members (drivers, helpers, horse trainers, elephant owners) who enrich our stay with the most current information, special activities, and “ways in” to places you only dream about!

- Photographing Marwari Horses in ancient stables (model shoot)
- Photographing Elephants with special access (model shoot)
- Daily review of images (emphasis on “what else can I do”)
- Brainstorming sessions (theme, story telling, portfolio, hero shots)
- Post processing and workflow (efficiency, accuracy, quality)

- 11 days of guided photoshoot
- Accommodation, meals, ground transportation
- Special permits, private photoshoots, all entrance fees
- Instruction booklet emailed before the workshop
Not Included :
- Transportation to and from New Delhi (DEL)
- Transport from Delhi airport to hotel
- Internal flight from Jodhpur to Delhi (estimated between $150 - $200US$)
- Personal expenses, alcoholic beverages
- Travel Insurance
- Extra night(s) in Delhi
- Tips to local staff

Double Occupancy: $5,900
Single Supplement: $1,000

Deposit (non-refundable):
$800 (Double Occupancy)
$1,000 (Single Occupancy)

Full payment due by January 5, 2017 (payable by check)

Registration: $5,900 (+$1,000 single supplement)
Deposit: $800 ($1,000 for single)

Terms and Conditions

- The workshop takes place during the comfortable season in India, where temperatures range from 70F – 90F.
- We are going to photograph trained animals. Their behavior can be unpredictable and caution is required.
- We are staying in high end hotels, where dress code is advised.
- We are traveling on ultra-modern highways to the local roads.
- However, the photographic opportunities are incredible. It is an amazing adventure and photographic experience.

- Mongolia Camel Festival (To be announced)

Where: Rajasthan, India, starting in New Delhi
When: Feb 18 – 28, 2017
Who: Oliver Klink, local staffs, horse and elephant trainers
Airport: New Delhi (DEL)
Accommodations: High end hotels (single or double occupancy)
Weather: 80 – 100F. Moody Sky
Cost: $5,900 ($1,000 Single supplement)

Workshop details for India: Marwari Horses and Elephants (click on a tab)


February 18-28, 2017

Note: Activities might change based on weather conditions and animal activities. As the group is kept really small, we are able to attend special events, without overwhelming the local communities and be welcomed with open arms.

11 days on the ground to photograph the incredible Marwari horses and Elephants of Rajasthan.

Day 0 (Optional) – February 17, 2017:
- Arrive in New Delhi (DEL), recover from jetlag
- We can arrange airport transportation and hotel for you

Day 1 (February 18)
- 7AM: start of the workshop
- Drive to Mandawa, known for its fort and havelis and word famous Marwari horses

Day 2: Mandawa
- Early morning photo shoot with the Marwari horses. Various indoor and outdoor locations
- The photo shoot will be done in different haveli (local architecture), with trainers in traditional uniform.
- Mid day photo shoot at the stables
- Afternoon photo shoot in new Haveli, with horses equipped with silver jewelry and traditional attire.

Day 3: Mandawa
- Early morning photo shoot with the Marwari horses in sand dunes
- Mid day photo shoot at the bawari (step well), oasis and water body with foals
- Afternoon photo shoot at the stable (up to 12 horses)

Day 4: Mandawa to Jaipur
- Drive to Jaipur
- Visit the “pink” city, symbolic of the hospitality that reigned in the Rajput culture
- Late afternoon photo shoot with elephants

Day 5: Jaipur
- Amer Fort: Early morning photo shoot with elephants
- Private photo shoot at the elephant village with various models

Day 6: Jaipur
- Early morning photo shoot with elephants
- Private photo shoots with elephants and models

Day 7: Jaipur - Rohetgarh
- Drive to Rohetgarh
- Evening Photo shoot inside Rohetgarh with the horses against the beautiful backdrop of the old fort and local people wearing traditional costumes

Day 8: Rohetgarh
- Early morning photo shoot of the Marwari Horses in the riding school
- Participate in Rohetgarh's signature activity: village safari.
- Evening Photo shoot inside Rohetgarh with the horses

Day 9: Mihirgarh
- Early morning photo shoot of the Marwari Horses against the backdrop of rural landscape
- Evening photo shoot at Mihirgarh stables and paddock with the horses

Day 10: Mihirgarh
- Morning photo shoot of the Marwari Horses
- Evening photo shoot at Mihirgarh stables and paddock with the horses

Day 11 (February 28): Mihirgarh – Jodhpur
- Early morning photo shoot at Mihirgarh stables with fort as a backdrop
- Photoshoot with young Marwari foals
- Drive to Johdpur airport
- Flight to New Dehli airport (DEL) – (note: not included in the workshop, estimated $150 - $200US$)
- Conclusion of the workshop

What to Bring

Upon paying the balance for the workshop, you’ll receive a detailed coursebook describing what to bring, recommended camera gears, booking your flight, and more.

Clothing: (temperature ranges from low 80F to 100F)
- Comfortable Clothes for photoshoots
- Dress clothes for meal time (business casual)
- Knee pads (for low angle shooting)
Camera Equipment:
- DSLR (bring your camera manual), extra battery (and charger)
- Recommended Lenses:
Portraiture: 24-120mm
Action shots: 70-200mm
- Tripod (recommended)
- Flash with diffusers (optional for indoor shooting)
Other Equipment (Optional):
- Small notepad (notes, observations, write down questions)

Photography Review Equipment (Recommended):
- Laptop (with power cord), memory card downloader
- Post processing software (Lightroom, Photoshop, plug-ins)
- External hard drives (backup)


This is an all-inclusive workshop (transportation, lodging, meals, local guide, photo instruction). It also includes all the entrée fees to the villages and forts. The workshop does not include transportation to New Delhi (start and conclusion of the workshop) and the internal flight (Jodhpur to Delhi)

Workshop comprises...
- 11 days on the ground in India
- All meals, accommodation, private car transportation
- All entrance fees
- Private photoshoots with the Marwari Horses and models
- Private photoshoots with the elephants and models
- Coursebook and orientation materials
- Small group (maximum 5 people)
- Daily reviews (including tips on post processing, file management, idea to build portfolio)
- One instructor, Local experts, animal trainers

Not Included
- Internal Flight (Jodhpur to Delhi) – estimated between $150-$200US$
- Transportation to and from New Delhi (DEL)
- Transport to and from New Delhi airport to hotel
- Personal expenses, alcoholic beverages
- Travel Insurance
- Extra night(s) in Delhi before the workshop
- Tips to local staff

Travel Recommendations:
- Plan on arriving in Delhi (DEL) no later than February 18 (7AM). Your return flight can be booked after 10PM on February 28.
- We can assist with booking extra nights in New Delhi (pre workshop) and airport transportation.

Trip Cancellation & Travel Insurance Suggestions:

Here are a few recommendations but please browse around as services and prices vary.

• Travelex Travel Select http://www.travelexinsurance.com (800) 228-9792
• Travel Guard http://www.travelguard.com/ or Travel Insurance Services http://www.travelinsure.com.
• Travel Insurance Services (Walnut Creek, CA) http://www.travelinsure.com/cobrand/select/photoex (800) 937-1387
• Atlas International Insurance (HCC Medical Insurance Services) http://www.visitorsmedical.com/atlasinternational.html
• TEN (Travelers Emergency Network) Emergency Evacuation Coverage https://www.sevencorners.com/insurance/HW7C6YH
• Medjet Assist 1-800-527-7478 https://medjetassist.com

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