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Oliver Klink

Oliver Klink studies in physics and photography were the catalyst for his love of light and the complexity or our existence. Today, as a professional photographer, he travels the world to capture the intricacy and interconnectedness of our ecosystems. The subjects range from fine art wildlife to vanishing traditions. The link between his various body of works, is the increasingly complex modern world constantly unfolding in new and unexpected ways. He captures our cultural changes, the environments we inhabit, and the insights into our world and ourselves. His artistic goal is telling stories with his images and making the viewers dream.

Oliver’s work has received many awards, been exhibited in galleries and museum, and published with National Geographic, Days of Japan, Black &White magazine, Popular Photography magazine, among others. In 2014, “Herding Instinct” won first price at the Rayko Center International Photo Contest, in 2013, his image “The Great Migration” was selected as the Grand Prize winner at the 30th anniversary SpringShow Exhibit at the PhotoCentral Gallery in Hayward, CA. Other awards have included the Mike Ivanitsky award (2009) for photographic excellence, nomination at the prestigious Color Spider Award (2011, 2012, 2013), PX3 contest in Paris (2012) and the North America Nature Photographer Association top 100 wildlife images (2008, 2009).

Kate Jordahl

Kate Jordahl is an award winning photographer and a professor of photography at Foothill College, California, USA. She is also a co-director at PhotoCentral, Hayward, California, USA. Her photographs are in numerous collections including the Bibliothéque Nationale de France, Paris; Santa Barbara Museum of Art; University of Texas at Dallas and the Yosemite Museum. She has lead photography workshops in France, Italy, China, Japan and the United States and has been an artist-in-residence in Yosemite National Park and on the M.S. Fram in Greenland.

She was editor for “Searching for True North" with Modernbook Editions, “Native American Ceremonial Dancers” and “The Village: Bill Owens – Jamaica” as well as the “one poem” books published with Dreaming Mind Studio. Awards include a Gold Medal/Best of Show in the PubWest Book Design Awards, a Silver Medal in Prix de Paris and in the Independent Publishers Book Awards for "Searching for True North" and a Silver Award Photography and a Bronze Award Art in the PubWest Book Design Awards for "Native American Ceremonial Dancers."

Bruce Finocchio

"I love the earth! No moment is the same. Each moment is uniquely different. The natural world captures my spirit and my love. My goal is to show the inherent beauty within all life and make that beauty "sing" out in each image I make."

Bruce started photographing nature and wildlife extensively with slide film before switching fully to digital. His images have been published in many magazines, such as NANPA Expression Publication, California Wild Magazine, where Bruce won the best wildlife photo contest in 2003. His images have also been selected for book publications.

In the last few years, Bruce has perfectioned his bird photography skills by setting up an habitat at his ranch in rural Monterey County. Using photo blinds extensively, he has been able to attract many birds and wildlife for wonderful photographic opportunities.

Bruce is an active member of the Peninsula Camera Club, has done nature programs for the Northern Council of Camera Clubs, and also teaches bird photography for various institutions.

"Bruce is a passionate photographer. His knowledge of birds and his willingness to share it with others have made him an exceptional instructor." - Brian Cupertino

Joe Ordonez

Joe Ordonez, of Italian-Guatemalan extraction, recalls early memories enraptured by his father’s slide shows from his travels throughout Latin America. Inspired by his father, Joe bought his first camera at an early age. He attained a black belt in Goju-ryu karate at age 14, giving him early exposure to Zen practice and eastern thought. Joe went to Western Washington University to study art and music but instead pursued his love of nature and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Education with an emphasis in field biology. After college, he moved to Alaska and began working as a naturalist and wilderness guide in some of the most pristine, remote and wildlife-rich locations in North America including Glacier Bay National Park, the Pribil of Islands and the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

This combination of Zen, art, music and his intimate connection with nature imbue Joe’s photographic vision with a sense of spiritual communion. His artistic goal is to share images that celebrate the profound, as well as the subtle, beauty of nature. He is co-author of the book, The Complete Guide to the Tatshenshini and Alsek Rivers and is sole creator of the book, The Story of the Alaska Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve, Haines, Alaska. In this opus, Joe combine his love of storytelling and photography to share his passion for the Chilkat Valley. The book also exposes the ominous threat of a proposed toxic mine just upstream of this "sacred gathering place for thousands of bald eagles.”

Joe lives adjacent to the Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve with his wife and two daughters. 

Rafael Hernandez

Since 1985 Rafael Hernandez has been traveling, photographing and reveling in the natural beauty of the world around him. Most of his landscape images are in color with a monochromatic feel to them where a strong dominant color, red, orange, blue, green and their tonal gradation contribute to create a harmonious composition.

He has been exhibiting in group and solo exhibits around the Bay Area including being part of a group exhibit at The Art institute of California in collaboration with the De Young Museum. His latest award received was PhotoCentral 2009 Spring Show People's Choice Award.

A camera gearhead he continues to shoot film in addition to digital capture with a variety of different cameras an formats, including panoramic, pinhole and plastic cameras. His current B&W studio work is a departure of his color work in more ways than one, there is no landscape, no natural light and no color, just the pure human form.

Here is one quote about Rafa's work: "An astounding live sculpture, with a wealth of naturalistic detail and emotional strength worthy of a Rodin work. Graceful and dynamic, the shedding of the "chrysalis" adding immensely to this effect, imbuing the balletic pose with motion, swiftness, and the sense of breaking free, transcending from the previous half-obscured, withdrawn state into full physical power, expression, and individuality." - Anthony B.  Wales

Chester Ng

Chester Ng is a fine arts photographer based in Monterey. He discovered photography at an early age and was immediately captivated by the craft. Over time, his interest in photography evolved from casual hobby to serious passion with a lifelong commitment. His work spans a variety of subjects ranging from exploration of yesterday's cultures and old world rituals to dance and motion as well as environmental portraiture, photojournalism, pictorialism and abstract.

Chester's approach to image-making generally starts with identifying elements that can serve as a portal to open-ended narratives. His goal is to create images that allow viewers to complete the stories he begins. He's currently experimenting with incorporating mixed media into both traditional and digital processes to explore new avenues for image-making.

Chester is a member of The Imagemakers of Monterey, The Independent Photographers and the Carmel Foundation Photo Group. His work has attracted attention and recognition from B&W Magazine, American Art Collector, Black & White Spider Awards, PX3, Photography Masters Cup, Photographer's Forum, Pacific Art League, Sanchez Art Center, Santa Cruz Art League and The Center for Photographic ArtC

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