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Pano Advanced-10

1 Day: Panoramic Photography - Capture

San Francisco, California

July 30, 2016

10 participants (SOLD OUT)

Photographers think of panoramic photography as panning left to right. This workshop goes many steps further. You’ll learn to shoot panoramic images from a technical and compositional standpoint then expand to photographing horizontal, vertical and focus stacking panoramas. More importantly, you’ll learn a repeatable process and the critical steps to capture enough content to make your panos.

You’ll also learn and practice the “sketching technique” and the various steps to plan for a successful pano capture.

You’ll get demonstration on stitching panos using various software, their pluses and minuses, and the pitfalls the instructor has learned over the years. It will save you many hours of figuring out what is the best solution for your needs.

Upon signing up for the workshop, you will receive a coursebook that details the photoshoot locations, what to bring and a workflow for pano photography.

What you'll learn: • The Ins and Outs of shooting panoramic images (vertical, horizontal, focus stacking)
• Tips learned and applied over the years to capture stunning panos
• Sketching technique – critical to make impactful panos
• Focus stacking – when, why and the pitfalls
• Demonstration of various software to stitch and merge your images
• How to immerse yourself in panoramic photography (not to be missed!)

We are looking forward to meeting you at the panoramic photography workshop.

Don't delay your registration, as there is very few sessions scheduled this year.


Registration: $275 (Panorama Capture) - SOLD OUT

Oliver Klink’s nature images have been published in National Geographic, Days of Japans, European wildlife, and many more. His panos have received numerous mentioned in the Spidar Award photo contests, and won grand prize for the “Great migrations” at the PhotoCentral Springshow. “Panoramic photography is challenging. It is not just about making bigger images, but rather building a canvas to fit your vision. The sketching technique is a must have tool to complete your image successfully. The more you do it, the more you become creative to turn a documentary image into fine art.”

• The Ins and Outs of panos (vertical, horizontal, focus stacking)
• Tips learned and applied over the years to capture stunning panos
• Sketching technique – critical to make impactful panos
• Focus stacking – when, why and the pitfalls
• Demonstration of various software to stitch and merge your images

- 1 days of guided photoshoot
- Instruction booklet emailed before the workshop

Not Included:
- Transportation to the workshop location (carpooling encouraged)
- Meals, accommodation

Registration : $275
Date : Dates: July 30, 2016 (7AM – 1PM)

$275 (Pano Capture)
$300 (Pano Post processing)
$500 (Pano Combo)

Terms and Conitions

- We are going to be photographing next to water, where it can be windy and wet
- Patience to learn the new tips and focus on “making” an image
- Not much else … Have a great time!

Where: San Francisco, California
When: TBD
Who: Oliver Klink
Airport: San Francisco (SFO)
Accommodations: not included
Weather: 50 – 80F. Possibly foggy morning and Moody Sky
Cost: $275

Workshop details for panoramic photography


Dates: July 30, 2016
7AM – 1PM

Note: Itinerary and activities might change based on weather conditions

Through a combination of instruction, shooting in the field and practice exercises, you will learn how to photograph panos. Our lead instructor has been photographing panos for many years at the various locations we are conducting the workshop. The instruction will touch upon making panos that are impactful, the sketching technique, and much more.

• Setting up your camera. Critical settings. Visualize.
• First photoshoot
• Exercises to improve your skills
• More photoshoots
• Focus Stacking – how to go about it
• Demonstration on stitching and merging images using various software

What to Bring

Upon signing up for the workshop, you’ll receive a detailed coursebook describing what to bring, recommended camera gears, and tips on panoramic photography.

Camera Equipment:
- 24mm to 200mm. We will approach panos in a variety of ways.
- Tripod + various accessories mentioned in the coursebook

- You will be photographing in variable weather. We recommend layered warm clothing with water resistant outer layers.


NOTE: This is an outdoor photography workshop and we can’t guarantee the weather.

This workshop includes:
- 1 day of guided instruction
- Various photoshoots locations
- Demonstration on “making” panos

We highly recommend joining the 1Day Pano Post Processing workshop, where you’ll learn and have hands-on exercises to post process your panos.

If you are interested in carpooling we will share your request with other participants.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call Oliver Klink (408-910-6701) or email

Example Images from Past Workshops

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