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India: Holi Festivals

February 21 - March 4, 2018


As photographers, we dream of finding new and exciting events and locations to photograph. The various Holi Festivals in India are IT. These are festivals found no other places in the world.

We are going to photograph very unique part of the Holi Festivals in small villages. Lath mar Holi is a local celebration of the Hindu festival of Holi. It takes place days before the actual Holi in the neighbouring towns of Barsana and Nandgaon near Mathura in the state of Uttar Pradesh, where thousands of Hindus congregate each year. Legend has it that Lord Krishna visited his beloved Radha's village on this day and playfully teased her and her friends. Taking offence at this, the women of Barsana chased him away.

Keeping in sync with the story, the men from Nandgaon visit the town of Barsana every year, only to be greeted by sticks (aka lathis) of the women there. The ladies hurl sticks at the men, who try to shield themselves as much as they can. The unlucky ones are captured by the enthusiastic women who then, make the men wear female clothing and dance in public.

The next day, it is the turn of men of Barsana. They reciprocate by invading Nandgaon and be drenched by the women of Nandgaon in colours of kesudo, and palash.

Next we will photograph the unique Kaputhli colonies in Delhi. This is a special place where artists have established their residence in the middle of a slum. You will discover their lifestyle and understand the challenges of being an artist (around the world).

Finally, we will photograph the Hola Mohalla, the big festive event for Sikhs which marks the beginning of Sikh New Year. The event is a majestic display of fighting prowess and bravery. You will have opportunities to photograph Marwari horses, and Sikh warriors in their traditional attire. The energy and goodwill during the festival is addicting.

Photographing these events can be challenging due to the crowd, dry paint, moving animals. We will teach you how to capture incredible images, protect your camera gear, and have a fantastic time.

See you in India in February 2018 for this unique adventure.


Registration (February 21 - March 4, 2018): SOLD OUT
Double Occupancy: $6,800
Single supplement: $800

Deposit (non-refundable):
$600 (Double Occupancy)
$800 (Single Occupancy)

If you have any questions, please contact Oliver Klink


Oliver Klink has traveled extensively to festivals around the world. His image, Holi Temple, won award of excellence at the 30th anniversary of the Spring Show at the PhotoCentral Gallery, Hayward, CA. He is well versed on how to photograph festivals and will provide critical information prior to the trip and the photoshoots. “Attending the Holi in these small villages is a once in a lifetime experience. You will feel the passion and goodwill of the people like no other places in the world” says Oliver.

- Photographing Festivals. Where to position yourself
- Photographing artist colonies with impact
- Photographing interaction between horses and the Sikh warriors
- Daily review of images (emphasis on “what else can I do”)
- Brainstorming sessions (theme, story telling, portfolio, hero shots)
- Post processing and workflow (efficiency, accuracy, quality)

- 12 days of guided photoshoots
- Accommodation, meals, ground transportation
- All entry fees
- Extra helpers to assist during the festival
- Instruction booklet emailed before the workshop

Not Included:
- Transportation to New Delhi (DEL) start and end of the workshop
- Internal flight (DEL – Chandigarh Airport (IXC ) on February 28
- Internal flight from Chandigarth Airport (IXC) to DEL on March 3
- Personal expenses, alcoholic beverages
- Travel Insurance
- Tips to local staff

Double Occupancy: $6,800
Single Supplement $800

Deposit (non-refundable):
$600/$800 (Double/Single Occupancy)

Full payment due by October 30, 2017 (payable by check)

Deposit (non-refundable):
$600/$800 (Double/Single Occupancy)
Terms and Conditions

- You will be photographing in a crowded environment
- You will be photographing in an environment where dry powder paint is tossed around
- You will be photographing running horses in a public place
- However, the photographic opportunities are incredible. It is an amazing adventure and photographic experience.

Where: India
When: February 21 – March 4, 2018
Who: Oliver Klink, local staff
Airport: New Delhi (DEL), start and end of the workshop
Accommodations: various hotels and possibly high end camps
Weather: 70 – 100F
Cost: $6,800

Workshop details for India Holi Festivals


12 days of guided photoshoots and reviews
February 21 – March 4, 2018
NOTE: Itinerary might change based on spur of the moment activities

Day 1 (Feb 21): Arrival in Delhi
- Transfer to hotel
- Recover from jetlag

Day 2: Transfer to Vrindavan
- Visit of ISCON Temple

Day 3 (Feb 23): Barsana
- Pre Lathmar Holi Celebration

Day 4 (Feb 24): Barsana
- Lathmar Holi Celebration

Day 5: Nandgeon
- Lathmar Holi Celebration

Day 6: Vrindavan
- Flower Celebration
- Transfer to Delhi

Day 7: Kaputhli colony
Private photoshoots with various artists

Day 8 (Feb 28): Fly to Punjab (Chandigarh Airport (IXC )
- Pre festival Hola Mohalla activities
- IMPORTANT: Book your internal flight from DEL - IXC (Air India #463, 11:15AM - 12:10PM)

Day 9: Hola Mohalla
- Special photoshoots with Sikh warriors

Day 10 (march 2); Hola Mohalla
- Main Festival Activities

Day 11: Special photoshoots
- Sikh warriors & Marwari Horses
- Transfer to IXC Airport
- IMPORTANT: Book your internal flight from IXC - DEL (SpiceJet #253, Depart 3:35PM - 4:35PM)
- Transfer to DEL Airport hotel OR optional departure for international travel
- Conclusion of workshop

Day 12 (March 4): Transfer to DEL Airport

What to Bring

Upon signing up for the workshop, you’ll receive a detailed coursebook describing what to bring, recommended camera gears, booking your flight, extra activities pre or post workshop.

Clothing: (temperature ranges from low 70F to 100F)
- Comfortable Clothes for photoshoots
- NOTE: Special cloth for shooting during the main festivals. Critical information will be shared after you sign up.
- Knee pads (for low angle shooting)
Camera Equipment:
- DSLR (bring your camera manual), extra battery (and charger)
- Recommended Lenses:
Portraiture: 24-120mm
Action shots: 70-200mm
- NOTE: Special information will be shared upon sign up on how to protect your camera gear during the Holi Festivals.
- Flash with diffusers (optional for indoor shooting)
Other Equipment (Optional):
- Small notepad (notes, observations, write down questions)

Photography Review Equipment (Recommended):
- Laptop (with power cord), memory card downloader
- Post processing software (Lightroom, Photoshop, plug-ins)
- External hard drives (backup)


This is an all-inclusive workshop (transportation, lodging, meals, local guide, photo instruction). It also includes all the entrance fees to the festivals. The workshop does not include transportation to New Delhi (DEL) (start of the workshop) , the internal flight from Delhi to Chandigarh Airport (IXC ) and your return flight from Chandigarh Airport (IXC ).

Workshop comprises...
- 12 days on the ground in India
- All meals, accommodation, private car transportation
- All entrance fees
- Extra helpers during the festivals
- Special access to various festivals
- Private photoshoots at the Kaputhli artist colony
- Private photoshoots with sikh warriors and their horses
- Coursebook and orientation materials
- Small group (maximum 8 people)
- Daily reviews (including tips on post processing, file management, idea to build portfolio)
- One instructor, Local experts

Not Included
- Internal Flight Delhi to Chandigarh Airport (IXC) on February 28 (IMPORTANT: Book flight AIR INDIA 463, Depart 11:15AM - 12:10PM)
- Internal Flight Chandigarh Airport (IXC) to Delhi on March 3 (IMPORTANT: Book flight SpiceJet #253, Depart 3:35PM - 4:35PM)
- Transportation to New Delhi (DEL) – start of the workshop on February 21 and return on March 3 (After 8PM) or March 4
- Personal expenses, alcoholic beverages
- Travel Insurance
- Extra night(s) in Delhi before the workshop if needed
- Tips to local staff

Travel Recommendations:
- Plan on arriving in Delhi (DEL) no later than February 21. Your return flight can be booked anytime on March 4 or March 3 (After 8PM)
- We can assist with booking extra nights in New Delhi (pre workshop) and airport transportation.

Trip Cancellation & Travel Insurance Suggestions:

Here are a few recommendations but please browse around as services and prices vary.

• Travelex Travel Select (800) 228-9792
• Travel Guard or Travel Insurance Services
• Travel Insurance Services (Walnut Creek, CA) (800) 937-1387
• Atlas International Insurance (HCC Medical Insurance Services)
• TEN (Travelers Emergency Network) Emergency Evacuation Coverage
• Medjet Assist 1-800-527-7478

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