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1 Day: Portrait Lighting & Post Processing

with Master Photographer William Ropp

Los Gatos, CA

August 21 (9AM - 4PM) - 8 Seats only

A Portrait Lighting Workshop with the Shadow Sculptor William Ropp

"This is a workshop for photographers who want to push their portrait skills to a new level (this is not a beginner levels workshop). Participants will learn how to create amazing and different portraits using William’s flashlight technique and his special approach in Photoshop".

William Ropp is known for his unique style, where his images are so dimensional and expressive that they look like they are sculpted from shadow and light. His portraits often evoke the feeling that it is the person in the image who is observing the viewer, not the other way around. When you add in the quality of light in his images, it is easy to understand that his work has grabbed the art-worlds attention.

Participants will learn how to create amazing portraits using William’s flashlight technique and his special approach in Photoshop. The workshop is a combination of lectures, demonstration of techniques, editing and retouching. There will also be a part in the workshop dedicated to his lighting technique, where he will show participants how to sculpt a body or a still life with the beam of a torch lamp.

What you will learn:
- Lighting technique with one source of light
- Post processing technique for portraits
- Applying various color styles to portraits

In the advanced session August 17-19, we will take the workshop a step further. You will photograph models with different lighting techniques and apply various post processing styles. You will also gain an insight into William's specific approach regarding the portrait; how William treats his models to get them to feel at ease and safe, and how just with a short talk he helps them to open up to the photographer so it is possible to “see the soul mirrored in their eyes”. We will arrange for models to be available for the students to photograph, and we will set up a couple of studios for the participants to practice and improve their personal approach of this technique.

William is also known for his many art books, and some will be presented during the workshop.

William Ropp is a French contemporary photographer and photo-artist, best known for his series of portraits. Ropp is often called a photo-artist, and his style of photography is spoken of as unique, inimitable, and recognizable. For the impression they produce, his works are compared to those by painters, and he is often called the Shadow Sculptor, due to his unique style and techniques with shadow and light.

In the mid-2000’s, Ropp undertook a number of trips, each of which resulted in a series of portraits of people – Africans and Gypsies, inhabitants of Mexico and Russia, adults and kids. In 2010, he started working in color, portrait photography remaining the primary one in his work. Ropp is the author of several books on the art of photography; his exhibitions and workshops for photographers are staged all over the world. In 2012 his images were exhibited at The Musee de la Photography in Belgium and the Maison Européennne de la Photographie.

We look forward to hosting you in the Los Gatos. You’ll be amazed of what you will be able to do with your images after the workshop!

William and Oliver.


1 Day

3 Days


Lecture & Demonstration
Hands-on Exercises  
Model Shoots  

Working with Models

Short Talk – How to
Lecture - Situations  
Hands-on Exercises  

Post Processing

Lecture – How To
Editing - Retouching
Hands-on Exercises
Color Style
Black and White Styles  
One on One Assistance  

Registration: $250
August 21

1 Day Portrait Lighting-Post Processing

More info or to be put on the waiting list, please email Oliver Klink


William Ropp was born in 1960 and lives in Nancy (France). He began his career in the theatre, co-founding the "Théâtre X" company. In 1988, he took a highly successful series of black and white photographs of human figures reflected in distorting mirrors. Several books followed. In 1993, he became interested in uncontrolled postures, plunging his subjects into darkness in a studio and 'painting' their outlines with a beam of light, the intrusion of light creating accidents of form. In 2007, he took a complete break from studio work and produced a powerfully dreamlike series of photographs of children in Africa. The book « Dreamt memories from Africa » followed. He began working with colour in 2010, revisiting the same themes and taking inspiration from classical paintings. In 2012 The Musee de la Photography in Belgium and the Maison Européennne de la Photographie in Paris organized jointly a succesful rétrospective exhibition.

Oliver Klink is a fine art photographer based in Los Gatos, CA. He was selected as the “Best of the Best” Emerging artist in 2016. His images – Consequences – were selected as Top 50 Critical Mass Award. His image, “Herding Instinct” won the grand prize at the Rayko International Photocontest in 2014, others have received “mentioned” in the Black and White Spidar Awards for the past 5 years. “Processing images with a personal style is a passion. You can relive what you saw at the point of capture with your artistic mind”, says Oliver.

- Portrait lighting with single source of light
- Post Processing start to finish
- Hands-on: Working on one portrait

- 1 day of instruction by two award winning fine art photographers
- You leave the workshop with a method to photograph portraits with one source of light and post process

Not Included:
- Transportation to Los Gatos, CA
- Meals, accommodation

Registration Fee : $250

Registration: $250

Terms and Conditions

- Good working knowledge of Photoshop layers
- Bring your own computer and camera
- Be ready to get inspired

Where: Los Gatos
When: August 21, 2019
Who: William Ropp, Oliver Klink
Airport: San Jose (SJC)
Accommodations: not included
Weather: 60 – 80F. You will be indoor
Cost: $250

Workshop details for Portrait Lighting and Post Processing


1 day of instructions with hands-on exercises

August 21 (9am – 4pm)

Through a combination of instruction and hands-on exercises, you will learn how to light and post process portraits. Our lead instructor, William Ropp is often called the Shadow Sculptor, due to his unique style and techniques with shadow and light. He has been exhibited worldwide to famous museums. The instruction will touch upon source of light, post processing portraits with a style, and hands-on exercises. You will leave the workshop with a processed image.


Location: Los Gatos, CA

1. Introduction - Getting inspiration
2. Lighting Portraits
• Understanding source of light
3. Hands-on
• Post Processing portraits
• Applying various color styles
• Breaking post processing rules (feel vs. technical)
• Redirecting the light
• Turning images into masterpieces

What to Bring

Upon signing up for the workshop, you’ll receive a detailed coursebook describing what to bring and recommended reading material.

Post Processing Equipment:
- Laptop or desktop (with power cord)
- Optional: External Hard drive to back up images
- Optional: Mouse or tablet

- Casual. We’ll be in a class room.

Bring your lunch: We have a nice patio setting with incredible views of the Santa Cruz Mountains.


This workshop includes:

- 1 day of detailed instruction on how to light and post process portraits
- Instruction by two fine art award winning photographers
- Recommended reading material to improve your artistry
- How the two instructors approach their craft from capture to finish


- You need to have a good working knowledge of Photoshop layers. Before the workshop, we’ll email recommended readings to brush up on your Photoshop knowledge.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call Oliver Klink (408-910-6701) or email oliver@incredibletravelphotos.com

Example Images from Past Workshops

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