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5 Days: Black and White Post Processing & Printing

Los Gatos, California

January 12 - 16 (9AM – 4PM) - Sold Out

January 21 - 25 (9AM - 4PM) - Sold Out

8 participants 

Not the right timing: Check out the new date added May 4-8,2020. Click to register

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The goal of this workshop is to enable you to learn and experiment new techniques to master black and white digital printing and post processing. At the end of the workshop, you will have acquired knowledge that enable you to print black and white images that rival the quality of silver gelatin prints.

The workshop starts with a review of your images. Each participant is encouraged to bring up to 15 images (prints preferred). The review will touch on quality of the print, consistency of the post processing, and overall look and feel of the image.

You will learn how to integrate (or refine) new tools into your Black and White workflow conversion. It starts with the conversion of RAW files (comparing Adobe ACR, Lightroom, CaptureOne, OnOne Software, etc.) to get the most out of your capture file. Then we tackle the Black and White conversion, testing various software (Nik Silver Efex, CaptureOne B&W style, Adobe B&W, OnOne B&W presets, etc.). After experimentation, we will set up a repeatable workflow, integrating the conversions with your catalog!

The next step, is what I call “The reference print”. You will learn print techniques based on inks (Epson Ultrachrome, Piezography inks) and software (RIP, Epson Printer drivers). It gives you the feel of how the inks and the type of papers can interpret your prints. Based on the “reference print”, we will enhance the file.

To enhance your B&W files, we will use techniques, such as but not limited to dodging & burning, contrast control, tonal control, luminosity masks, and more.

You will have time to work on your files to integrate new techniques into your post processing, test printing with various papers and inks, and receive assistance to fine tune the entire workflow and the aesthetic of your prints.

As a final step, you will create your “own” recipes (presets) to produce consistent B&W prints.

The workshop is taught at my studio in Los Gatos, California, where you will have access to three Epson 9900 printers (two converted to piezography inks, one Epson Ultrachrome ink). During the workshop, we will discuss conversion of a printer to piezography, various printers for B&W, and the choice of papers.

What you'll learn:
• Print reviews (focus is “what else can you do)
• Setting up your print environment (calibration, presets)
• Troubleshooting your printing process (dark, “muddy”)
• Post processing workflow (creating a repeatable process)
• Paper selection (type, feel, profile)
• Outsourcing printing (preparing your file)
• How to immerse yourself in printing (not to be missed!)
• Leave the workshop with a vastly expanded set of possibilities for making Black and White images & prints

Truly exciting workshop!!!

Don't delay your registration, as there is only one session scheduled this year.

She Ethnic Minority Weavers

Registration: $1,400 (Includes printing lab fees)

If you have any questions, please contact Oliver Klink

Karmathaksun Dechencholing Private Monastery

Oliver Klink owns three large 44” Epson printers, two dedicated to black and white, the other to color. He has mastered making large size images that are impactful. His Black and White Project “Cultures In Transition” has received many awards and is being exhibited worldwide. “Watching an image comes alive thru the print is an incredible feeling. The more you do it, the more you become creative to turn a documentary image into fine art.”

• Print reviews (focus is “what else can I do)
• Creating a repeatable workflow (from RAW conversion to printing)
• Troubleshooting your printing process (dark, “muddy”)
• Paper selection (type, feel, profile)
• Outsourcing printing (preparing your file)
• Creating your own recipes (presets)
• What does it take to set up a B&W printing environment, cost involved

- 5 days of instruction and hands on excercises
- Portfolio review
- Instruction booklet emailed before the workshop

Not Included:
- Transportation to the workshop location (carpooling encouraged)
- Meals, accommodation

Registration Fee : $1,400 (includes printing lab fee)
Jan 12 - 16 or January 21 - 25 (9AM – 4PM)

Registration: $1,400

Terms and Conditions

- Recommended bringing up to 15 prints to the workshop for reviews.
- A good post processing foundation is recommended.
- Write down your questions/tribulations with your Black and White printing & post processing
- Box to bring back prints you made during the workshop (apprx size 17 x 22”)
- Not much else … Have a great time!

Where: Los Gatos, California
When: January 12 - 16 or January 21 -25 (9AM – 4PM)
Who: Oliver Klink
Airport: San Jose, California (SJC)
Accommodations: not included
Weather: 50 – 70F. Wear comfortable cloth
Cost: $1,400 (includes printing lab fee)

Workshop details for the Black and White Printing and Post Processing workshop


Agenda 5 days of instruction, reviews, and hands on exercises, printing

January 12-16 or January 21 - 25, 2020
9AM – 4PM

Note: Schedule might change to cover specific questions

Through a combination of discussion, demonstration and hands-on exercises, you will learn how to improve your post processing & printing techniques and troubleshoot prints that don’t match what you see on the screen. The instruction is in the classroom at Oliver’s studio.

Day 1:
• What makes a good B&W print
• Review your images and feedback on what else can be done
• Setting up the tools
• Test prints

Day 2:
• RAW converters (The ins and outs). What can you leverage from each one?
• Conversion to Black and White (various tools)
• Creating presets and recipes
• One on One assistance
• Test prints

Day 3:
• Analysis of a print
• Introduction to paper and ink options
• Post processing for your ink/paper
• Tips and tricks used over the years (what has worked, what can be improved, the pitfalls, the great success stories)
• One on One assistance
• “Reference prints”

Day 4:
• Enhancing your B&W files
• Redirecting light, Post processing with granularity and accuracy
• Luminosity masking
• One on One assistance
• More Printing

Day 5:
• When is a print “final”?
• Recipes and presets
• Setting up your B&W printing environment, cost calculation
• One on One assistance
• Final Printing and review

What to Bring

Upon signing up for the workshop, you’ll receive a detailed coursebook describing what to bring, recommended hardware and software.

- Bring up to 15 prints for review (and the processed digital files - IMPORTANT)
- Your favorite paper to print B&W

Post Processing Equipment
- Laptop or desktop
- Loaded with the recommended post processing software (Lightroom, Photoshop, plug-ins)
- Files (raw, post processed (final and in progress)

Clothing: - Comfortable clothing.


This workshop includes:
- 5 days of instruction, reviews, hands on exercises, printing
- Printing and post processing hands-on
- Tips, tricks, pitfalls and more learned over the years
- Test prints, final prints

If you are interested in carpooling we will share your request with other participants.

My studio is located 10 minutes from Los Gatos or 15 minutes from Santa Cruz. Los Gatos is quaint community (there is an Apple Store, etc.). Santa Cruz is a great location for “beach photography”.

Due to the content we are going to cover, I recommend bringing lunch and snacks to the workshop. We have a microwave and fridge.
The first night of the workshop, we will have a welcome dinner at my studio

Trip Cancellation & Travel Insurance Suggestions:

Here are a few recommendations but please browse around as services and prices vary

- Travelex Travel Select (800) 228-9792
- Travel Guard or Travel Insurance Services
- Travel Insurance Services (Walnut Creek, CA) (800) 937-1387
- Atlas International Insurance (HCC Medical Insurance Services)
- TEN (Travelers Emergency Network) Emergency Evacuation Coverage
- Medjet Assist 1-800-527-7478

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call Oliver Klink (408-910-6701) or email Oliver Klink

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