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Digital Image Management Workflow

June 22-27 - SOLD OUT

August 19 - 28 - SOLD OUT

(3 sessions)

10 participants 


At some point, most photographers develop a series of routines for capturing, copying, and processing their digital photographs. These routines can be sloppy and unorganized or they can develop into a consistent workflow that speeds up the entire editing process. Consistency in how you handle your images after they are shot is nearly as important as the techniques you employ to compose and shoot your images in the field.

In this class, I describe my own digital workflow and possible adaptations, from the time my shots leave the camera, to the editing adjustments I make to nearly all my final photographs, to saving and backing them up, and publishing in various medium (print, digital distribution). I will share tips, pitfalls I have experienced over the years, so that some ideas might help improve your own digital workflow.

This 3 online sessions class is a combination of lectures, hands-on exercises to set up your environment and process images, and a one-on-one private session to provide specific advices for your environment.

Upon signing up for the class, you will receive a questionaire to evaluate what is working in your current workflow and how it can possibly improve to guarantee speed, accuracy quality, and most important piece of mind. You will also receive a coursebook that details my digital image management workflow, the software and hardware I use.

Thru lectures, I will share personal experiences on how to set up an environment. You will learn how to avoid early mistakes so you are able to "grow your data" without pain and fear.

Hands-on exercises will bring consistency to your workflow, piece of mind, and broaden the reach of your images.

What you'll learn:
• Why having a consistent workflow is so important
• Setting up your camera, computer, storage (from the safest to the “I can get by with”)
• File organization (folders vs. keywords), planning for growth
• Traveling catalogues vs. Master catalogue
• Post processing images (preferences, step by step, presets for consistency, plug ins)
• Output preferences (print, digital files, shared upload, website)
• The dreadful backup, archive. Setting up and checking that it works reliably
• Workflow tips and tricks learned over the years
• Hands-on exercises on how to set up your computing environment
• One on One session to get advice on your current environment. Steps to take to improve, keeping "budget" in mind.

Dates: August 20 - 28
Session 1: Wednesday, August 19 (6:30 - 8:30PM PDT)
Session 2: Between August 25 - 27 (week afternoons or evenings)- One on One Session
Session 3: Friday, August 28 (6:30 - 8:30PM PDT)
Note: Check Agenda tab below for full schedule details

We are looking forward to hosting you at the digital image management workflow class.


Registration: $199 (SOLD OUT)
August 19 - 28 (2 online sessions (lecture), one one-on-one private online lesson

If you have any questions, please contact Oliver Klink

Hawaii Workshop 2011

Class details for digital image management workflow


3 online sessions, Lecture style, Hands-on exercises, one on one private consulting session.
August 19 - 28

Through a combination of demonstration and hands-on exercises, you will learn how to set up a digital image management workflow to handle growth and consistency. Our lead instructor is managing over 1 million images and will share tips and tricks he has learned over the years.

Session One: 2 hours online class
Goal: Understanding Digital Image Management Workflow
The instructor will share critical information about building a "sound" image management environment. Recommendation on hardware and software. File naming convention. Folder organization. How to reuse existing drives to be "budget minded"

Session Two: 45 minutes one on one coaching online class
Goal: Review your current environment and provide guidance
Each environment is different. But there is one thing consistent: Mistakes made early in the set up of the environment can be very costly and waste a lot of time. The recommendations will be based on the survey answers you filled prior to the class.

Session Three: 2 hours online class
Goal: Workflow that leverage your computing environment
Now that you have a good understanding of the "nuts and bolts" of building your computing environment, how do you adapt your processing workshop? The lecture will touch upon consistency, saving time without compromising creativity, properly configuring your files for various outputs, and more.


Upon signing up for the class, you’ll receive a detailed coursebook with recommended software/hardware and recommended reading material.
You will also receive a survey form that will be instrumental for the one-on-one session and a "calendar invite" to choose time for your one-on-one session.

Dates: August 19 - 28
Session 1: Wednesday, August 19 (6:30 - 8:30PM PDT) Session 2: Between August 25 - 27 (week afternoon or evenings)
Session 3: Friday, August 28 (6:30 - 8:30PM PDT)


This workshop includes:
- Two online sessions (Lecture, Q&A style)
- One online one-on-one session (Consultative style)
- Instruction on how to set up your digital image management workflow
- Tips, tricks, pitfalls and more learned over the years

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call Oliver Klink (408-910-6701) or email


Oliver Klink has photographed in 122 countries, manages over 1 million images and 200 Terabytes+ of storage. He has mastered a digital image management workflow to integrate his master catalogue with his traveling sub-catalogues, migrate storage from multiple drives to consolidated systems, to produce single or set of images with repeatable post processing steps. His goals is turning his images into fine art pieces. “I never have enough time to post process my images. Getting organized enabled me to have creative time for my images.”

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